Airstream – Travel Trailers

The Airstream guys came to us with a few simple requests, they needed some help streamlining their rewards program and improving system stability. We keep tweaking their internal incentive programs as requirements change and business needs become more demanding.

Analyzed Behavior

Analyzed Behavior is a software approach supporting staff, students, and parents in understanding behavior. Its unique program is designed to assist students behaviorally by allowing school staff to effectively collect data and interpret results without the hassle of additional report writing and graphing.

Live Pay – Donations & Custom Merch Stores

Live Pay live pay is an app that allows users to create their very own merch stores, sell tickets to events, and collect donations. This platform aims to allow non-profits to drive revenue by distributing their own products.

Spire Advertising – Online advertising API

The guys with Spire came to us to help them design their API, initially we shared with them our approach to building RESTful APIs and they loved it. They hired us to design an API for them,  get them setup so that they can built on top of our foundation.

Siege Sports – Build sports jerseys

Siege is a webapp that allows you to built custom sports apparel – jerseys, hats, you name it. They had some issues wiring up all the moving pieces together and getting the app the scale. We came to the rescue and helped set them up for growth, fixed a few bugs, and off they went.

IGPlan – Instagram Automation

IGPlan needed some help auditing their codebase and wanted a second opinion as to the state of the code. We exampled everything, gave them an honest assessment, helped them with some scalability issues and shook hands as project got completed.

Trax – Fleet Management for Dispatchers

This is a React web-app that compliments the mobile app we built for Trax Fleet Management. This app allows fleet manager to dispatch and track and communicate with their trucks out on the filed and ensure smooth operation right from their desk.

Fred Jordan Missions

Fred Jordan Missions needed some new features built into their existing platform. We took over, delivered the new features on time and as far as we know, the features we delivered were a big hit!